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Define or what is professional course - A professional course is a course that leads to a professional qualification. A professional qualification will entitle u to register with a professional body like the Institution of Engineers, Medical Association, Association of Chartered Accountants, etc.

Or we can say as   A professional is an individual who's certified as belonging to a particular profession or career. Professional bodies or organizations sometimes certify professionals on the basis of their completion of required studies or experience, In other instances, the completion of a degree or apprenticeship is sufficient for professional designation. A professional course is any course that leads to such designation.

Details of Professional course
 Professional career courses in India are the most opted degrees by the students as they get a job immediately after completion and also they can earn lots in a short span of time.
The students choose a career as per their likes and interests. The major professional career courses in India include those in the medical fields and engineering stream.

Medical - field includes medicine, pharmacy, dental science and the like. Pharmaceutical study is considered as one of the most promising areass where the pharmacists get employed immediately in drug companies and in some hospitals.

Engineering - The various departments coming under engineering stream are considered to be professional degrees and the Information Technology (IT), Electronics, Electronics and communication (EC), computer science (CS), Marine Engineering and Biotechnology are considered to be the most demanding courses and these fields are developing day by day.

Agriculture and animal husbandry - stream are also considered to be professional degrees. Agriculture field includes Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, and Floriculture and post harvest technology. Similarly, animal husbandry includes Veterinary, Dairy technology, Fisheries, B. Tech (Food processing technology) and B. Tech (poultry production technology). Currently agriculture are considered more demanding subject and students are easily getting jobs in Govt. service, Banks and agriculture companies. In addition people also starting own business.  

Law and chartered account (CA) also considered as professional course.  Medical, Engineering and Agriculture require science stream and other two CA and law require commerce and arts stream in 12th.

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