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Architectural Engineering

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Define/ what is Architectural Engineering- It is also known as   building engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Or we can say architectural engineering deals with the art and science of designing/constructing buildings.

Details of architectural Engineering

  • Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures. Architects are the licensed professionals trained in the art and science of building
  • An Architect has to keep feasibility, cost to the builder as well as the functional and aesthetic aspects in mind. While planning a structural design, the architect has to weave interplay of space, volume, texture, light, shadow or abstract elements to achieve pleasing aesthetics.
  • An Architect is a combination of artist, professional and businessperson. They ideates, sketches, makes blueprints of their designs and then sees them come to life as cottages, skyscrapers and even monuments. Apart from designing and construction, architects are trained in activities ranging from conceptual problem solving to project management.
  • We can say that architectural engineering as a separate and single, integrated field of study, compared to other engineering disciplines, is its multi-disciplined engineering approach. Through training in and appreciation of architecture, the field seeks integration of building systems within its overall building design. Architectural engineering includes the design of building systems including Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, fire protection, electrical, lighting, architectural acoustics, and structural systems.

Streams/Branches of architectural engineering

  • Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Building science and architectural history

The specializations in architectural engineering includes the areas like

  • Structural design
  • Navigational guidance
  • Control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Communication or production methods
  • Specialization in military aircrafts, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets etc.

Skill requirement for architectural engineers

  • Design talent
  • Engineering ability
  • Social awareness
  • Business aptitude
  • Legal knowledge

Career in Architectural Engineering

  • After the completion of the B.Arch. degree, the budding architect has to register himself with the Council of Architecture (COA), which is mandatory if he wants to carry the profession of architecture independently want to take a Govt. job or want to take up teaching job.
  • After getting himself registered with the Council of Architecture, an architect can apply to Government agencies like CPWD or Central Public Works Department, which recruit architects through a competitive examination conducted by the
  • U.P.S.C. It is a class II job. The person can reach up to the post of ADG (Architecture) by retirement.
  • Alternatively, a person can apply for the post of architect in State Public Works Department. They are recruited through State Provincial Service Commissions.
  • The budding architects can also take up the job of teaching in various architecture colleges.
  • After gaining some years of experience as an apprentice with a Senior Architect, a person can apply to Construction Companies.
  • Architects with some experience can even set up their own business as Consultants and Contractors.

Followings are some of the largest public sector employers in this field:

  • Public Works Department
  • The Archaeological Department
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Departments of Railways
  • Post and Telegraphs
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • National Building Organisation
  • Town and Country Planning Organisation
  • National Institute of Urban Affairs
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  • National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.
  • City Development Authorities

On the Job

  • Consult with client to determine functional and spatial requirements of structure.
  • Prepare scale drawings.
  • Plan layout of project.
  • Prepare information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs, or construction time.
  • Integrate engineering element into unified design.
  • Prepare contract documents for building contractors.
  •  Direct activities of workers engaged in preparing drawings and specification documents.
  • Conduct periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans.
  • Seek new work opportunities through marketing, writing proposals, or giving presentations.
  • Administer construction contracts.
  • Represent client in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts. Prepare operating and maintenance manuals, studies, and reports

Under Graduate

  • B. Arch. (Architecture)
  • B.Tech. Architectural Engineering


  • M. Arch (Architecture)
  • PhD in Architecture


  • Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
  • Diploma in Architecture (Dip. Arch)

Certificate Course


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