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Information Technology Engineering (IT)

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Define/ what is Information Technology - is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems particularly software applications and computer hardware”.  Or

Information technology (IT) is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications.

Details of Information technology  

  • The branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information. The term "IT" encompasses the methods and techniques used in information handling and retrieval by automatic means. The means include computers, telecommunications and office systems or any combination of these elements.
  • Information technology is the use of computers and software to manage information. In some companies, this is referred to as Management Information Services (or MIS) or simply as Information Services (or IS).
  • The information technology department of a large company would be responsible for storing information, prot ecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information as necessary, and later retrieving information as necessary.

Streams/Branches of Information Technology

  • Computer hardware engineering
  • Computer software engineering
  • Computer language engineering
  • Information system engineering
  • Networks engineers

The specializations in Information Technology includes the areas like

  • Data Management
  • Networking
  • Computer hardware
  • Database and software design

Skill requirement for information technology

  • Analysing ability, Active listening, reading comprehension, critical thinking, active learning, complex problem solving, Judgment and decision making,  operations analysis, time management

Career in information technology

  • Information Technology is flourishing as an industry and therefore there is a wide range of opportunities for IT Engineers in India and abroad.
  • IT Engineers are involved in analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing using advanced communications or multi-media equipment or working with a team for the development of  computer networks.
  • There are lots of opportunities in universities, research, private and public industries, government department and business organizations, commercial organizations and manufacturing sector.
  • Computer networking is something which would only grow so IT Engineers have a lot of scope in that area. For instance the Internet is continuously innovating and therefore it needs their services for the perfect functioning of Internet, intranet, and World Wide Web applications.
  • IT Engineers can work as a Software Engineer or Hardware Engineer.
  • They can work as programmers, web developers and E-Commerce Specialists with industries that build or use computer based systems such as such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, etc. 
  • National and multi-national computer manufacturing companies; computer hardware system design and development companies, computer networking companies, software are some among the probable work places.

Followings are some of the employers in this field

  • Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Mahindra - Satyam, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Reliance Communications, Bharti Airtel, Polaris, AT&T, Amazon and Telenor

On the Job

  • They install applications to design complicated computer networks and information database.
  • Their work also includes data management, engineering of computer hardware, networking, database and software designing.
  • They also oversee the management, administration and maintenance of the whole systems.
  • Like every field, information technology engineering is also constantly progressing and it has extended his jurisdiction from computer to other media related fields.
  • The IT Engineers also focus on devising new systems for television, cell phones, automobile etc


Under Graduate

  • B.E. Information Technology  
  • B.E in electronics and communication engineering
  • B.Tech agricultural information technology
  • B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • B.E. Electronics Engineering
  • B.E. Medical Electronics
  • B.Tech electronics and Telecommunication
  • B.Tech. Applied Electronics and Engineering
  • B.Tech. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
  • B.Tech. Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • B.Tech. Electronics and Biomedical Engineering
  • B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering 
  • B.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • B.Tech. Electronics Engineering


  • M.E. information technology
  • M.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • M.E. Electronics Engineering
  • M.Tech information technology
  • M.Tech in information security & computer forensics
  • M.Tech. Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • M.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • M.Tech. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • M.Tech. Electronics Engineering
  • Ph.D information and communication engineering
  • Ph.D information technology 


  • Diploma in information technology
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Diploma in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  • PG diploma in information technology

Certificate Course


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