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Agriculture -“Agriculture for an honorable and highminded man, is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure the means of living”

Although the farming sector is critical in ensuring our food security, helps to keep the environment green and is also a lucrative business, it is becoming less attractive to the younger generation.

This is mainly due to wrong perception of low profit margin, uncertainty, low innovation, lack of knowledge on new technologies, etc. Interestingly, even agriculture-based families want their children to become IT professionals and do not want them to come back for tilling the land.


Here comes Suvasam…

  • Creating awareness on organic farming and certification, green house, value chain, recent practices and market conditions for farmers through training, field-level demos and sharing experiences.
  • To impart knowledge on recent techniques in agriculture through organizing meetings, interaction with agriculture scientist and farmers.
  • To make young generation and working community aware about importance and future of agriculture as a business
  • To discuss various agriculture related issues and finding solution through discussion
  • To give advice on home and indoor gardening and lawn maintenance  


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