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Electrical Engineering

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Details of the Course
1. Course  Title Diploma course in Electrical Engineering
2. Entry Qualification 10th /12th
3. Course Duration    Three years -10th  / Two years – 12th
4. Course structure Semester system
5. Course details  Maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and systems.



  • To do maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and systems. 
  • To procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials.  
  • To design wiring schemes for domestic and power installation , to draw layouts for wiring diagram,   to understand and interpret the drawings prepared by others according to  Indian standards and relevant Indian Electricity Rules. 
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing small electrical gadgets/domestic appliances making joints and carrying out wiring work. 
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace electrical machinery used in various industrial and domestic applications.
  • To perform the duties of installation, operation, maintenance and testing of measuring instruments.
  • To use various quality control techniques and safety measures adopted
  • To do industrial installation, laying cables, earthing, installing motors with their accessories, wiring testing of contractor control circuits and motor winding.
  • To design and modify electrical control circuits, to carry out trouble shooting in control circuits.
  • To Prepare estimates of different kinds of jobs in domestic wiring, industrial wiring in transmission and distribution systems 
  • To install, erect, and commission the power equipment.

Main subjects in diploma curriculam

  • Electrical Engg. Materials  
  • Electrical Science
  • Electrical Engg. Drawing 
  • Elect. Workshop Practice
  • Electrical Machines 
  • Basic Electronics
  • Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments
  • General Engg. &Fabrication Techniques 
  • Industrial Management
  • Electronics Devices & Circuits
  • Electrical Power  (Transmission & Distribution)
  • Power Electronics 
  • Electrical Power  (Gen. Switch gear & Protection)
  • Utilisation  of Electrical Energy  

Higher Study

  • Degree through A.I.I.A.
  • Degree through A.M.I.E.
  • Certain Universities admit diploma students in to 2nd year degree course

Employment Opportunities

  • In the field of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical power.
  • Operation and maintenance of equipments, lines, fault location, planning and designing of simple distribution schemes, 
  • Executive and supervisory control in power stations or sub-stations, transmission and distribution networks.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of a variety of electrical equipment.
  • Private Industries and firms dealing in the field of Meters and manufacturing and sale of variety of electrical equipment.



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