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Instrumentation Technology

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Details of the Course
1. Course  Title Diploma course in Instrumentation Technology
2. Entry Qualification 10th /12th
3. Course Duration    Three years -10th  / Two years – 12th
4. Course structure Semester system – (First two semesters are common with other diploma programme in Electronics & Communication Engg., Electronics except for one subject i.e. Principle of Instrumentation Technology
5. Course details Instrumentation Technology is integration of different branches of sciences which are put together to achieve required functional goal, so the students are made to know the basics of the relevant engineering branches, so as to have a clear understanding about the process, equipment and controls as the modern industries  uses electronic controls which are more efficient, effective and accurate and the old magnetic and electrical control have all become obsolete.



  • To handle controls in a  large size plant (Power station, cement etc),
  • To prepare process flow and piping and instrumentation diagram of a section. To identify their various instruments, systems and control parameters, ranges, specifications and makes of each item
  • To have the knowledge of basics of Mechanical Engineering/electronic devices and circuits, digital systems design & microprocessors, electric and electronic instruments for the purpose of checking problems, investigation and rectification in the instruments for reliable working of the instrument on the shop-floor.
  • Routine preventive maintenance of output gadgets to fault location, commissioning of new equipments to selection of suitable apparatus, designing of small components for improvisation.
  • To handle the various types of measurement techniques used in industrial process.
  • To make a PCB for a design circuit & to know the method of testing and calibration of different types of valves and controls.

 Main subjects in diploma curriculam

  • Engineering Physics 
  • Basic Electricity
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Basic Electronics
  • Principles of Instrumentation Engineering
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electrical & Electronics Measurements & Instruments
  • Micro Processors 
  • Principles of Automatic Control
  • Transducers and Signal Conditioning Circuits 
  • Industrial Process Measurements
  • Process Control Components
  • Analytical Instrumentation 
  • Instrumentation Drawing & Documentation
  • Repair & Maintenance of Instruments
  • Industrial Electronics 
  • Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Advanced Process Control 

Higher Study

  • Degree through A.I.I.A.
  • Degree through A.M.I.E.
  • Certain Universities admit diploma students in to 2nd year degree course

Employment Opportunities

  • Process industries like Petrochemical units/ Fertilisers/ Textile/ Paper etc.
  • Various Instrumentation industries.
  • Thermal Power Stations.
  • Electronics and Micro processor based control system industries.
  • Medical electronics industries as presently medical science is dependent on electronics as many of medical equipment are electronics based..
  • Repair and maintenance work shops.
  • R&D, assembly, repair and maintenance of hardware of microprocessors and computers


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