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Textile Processing

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Details of the Course
1. Course  Title Diploma course in Textile Processing
2. Entry Qualification 10th /12th
3. Course Duration    Three years -10th  / Two years – 12th
4. Course structure Semester system
5. Course details  

On Job

  • To manufacture different textile fibers by using basic principles/procedures/properties of textile fiber science.
  • To execute various recipes for dyeing by using principles of dyeing, operations, materials, equipment and processes.
  • To effectively supervise the processing of textiles in bleaching section by using various principles of bleaching, operations, materials, equipment and processes
  • To be well versed with organic, industrial, physical chemistry and various organic compounds. 
  • To do screen/roller/block printing by using various operations, materials, equipment and processes used for printing.
  • To control the quality of the knitted product.
  • To supervise physical and chemical testing of textiles.
  • A diploma holder in textile processing must have necessary knowledge and skills regarding principles and procedures used for finishing. For this, he should be acquainted with different types of processing machines used for finishing.

Main streams in diploma

  • Textile Fibre Technology
  • Dyeing Technology
  • Bleaching Technology
  • Textile Testing & Quality Control 
  • Dye Stuff Chemistry   
  • Printing Technology
  • Textile Colour & Design 
  • Finishing Technology 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Production Planning and Management

Higher Study

  • Degree through A.I.I.A.
  • Degree through A.M.I.E.
  • Certain Universities admit diploma students in to 2nd year degree/BE course

Employment Opportunities

  • Diploma holders in Textile Processing are required to do job of Inspectors / Supervisor / Technicians /knitters / entrepreneur in the different knitting industries in private and government types of industry/organisation.
  • Teaching


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