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Environment - “The earth, the air, the land and the water are not our inheritance from forefathers but loan from our children. So we have to hand over to the next generation at least as it was handed over to us”

EnvironmentThe actions performed by individuals at all levels, as consumers and citizens, have cumulative environmental issues. Hence Svasam strongly believes that individual awareness on small things like effects of using polythene bags, burning of tires, benefits of using toilets, separation of garbage into decomposable and non-decomposable etc., would make big difference in environmental protection. Thus Suvasam aims:

  • To make people especially young generation aware about importance of environment and how it impacts our life
  • To familiarize various environmental issues and recent developments at global level to people for better understanding
  • Tree planting by collaborating with various organisations including schools and colleges
  • To create awareness on importance of organic farming and effects of pesticide usage


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