Suvasam - Creating Knowledge & Values


How You Can Help

Share your Knowledge

Knowledge sharing is innate to our human nature of wanting to connect and collaborate with others. We, human beings, are social beings, and as such have been bound to share what we know with others, so that our learning curve never becomes flat.

Spread the word

You can inform to your friends, family members and/or colleagues about Suvasam’s activities and the need their help to reach out more people around us.


Each one of us in the civilized society or country contributes to the development of society/ community in any means is called as volunteerism. 
Most people think that volunteering means going to school and teaching or working with slums or going and doing some health checkups in unhygienic places. It seems more like a serious affair which requires lot of commitment and saying no to all the cool things that you might do in life.


We are engaged in imparting knowledge and value in disadvantaged people around us. We would like to help the needy at our capacity. Your help in support the cause make us to reach more.