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Suvasam shall consists of various committees as mentioned below to carry out different functions

  1. General Body
  2. Advisory Board
  3. Executive Committee
  4. Coordination Committee
  5. Finance Committee
  6. Management Committee


  1. The General Body is the supreme authority in all matters of the trust       
  2. The General Body consists of all trustees, Executive members, advisory board member, and CEO of the trust. CEO does not have rights to vote in general body meeting.  
  3. The General body meeting presided over by Chairman/Vice Chairman and in absence Secretary will presided over the meeting
  4. The General Body will meet at least once in every financial year. In addition, it may meet any number of times as required
  5. A notice of two weeks is required for convening a meeting of the General Body. Vice Chairman is responsible for circulation of notice
  6. The quorum for the General Body shall be 50 percent of membership or 7 Members, whichever is lower.
    • The meeting of the General Body shall be designated as the Annual General Body meeting. This meeting shall, inter alia,
    • Discuss the Annual Report of Activities and the audited statements of account, and pass them after satisfying themselves of their veracity.
    • Board will also approve the policy documents, guidelines, structure of authority and responsibilities of the management  
    • Appoint auditors for the following year.
    • Consider nominees (executive member, advisory board members, CEO Appointment) to those recommended by the ExeCom.
    • Elect the Executive Committee (ExeCom) for the next term by simple ballot.
    • Discuss and pass the Annual Budgets and work plans presented by the ExeCom.
    • The board will check the status of adherence with all statutory compliances followed by trust management.
    • Board also review  and prepare  plan  of action  on sustainability, scalability of individual programs and other strategic plan 
    • Board will also set key performance indicators for individual department on annual basis and the same were reviewed by next meeting
    • Board will also appoint right person/firm to  resolve specific issues arises including legal related issues
    • Any other important matter
    • Decisions shall be taken by a majority of votes of the members present and voting.
    • The General body shall have all such powers and shall perform all such functions as are necessary or proper for achievement or furtherance of the objectives of the trust.


  1. Advisory Board consists of seven members in the various field including education, legal, audit, agriculture, environment and social development
  2. They are appointed by general body for three years term and eligible for reappointment
  3. At least one advisory member should present in the general body meeting
  4. All the general body decisions and proceedings need to be communicated to related person and has to obtain his opinion on the undersigned matter.
  5. All advisory board members has to be informed about general body meeting’s decisions and proceedings. They have every right to express their views and the same need to be circulated among the general body members. 
  6. Vice chairman will be responsible for all circulation, communication and documentations with advisory board 


  1. The ExeCom shall consist of seven members out of which six members are elected from the Trustees, Executive Members by simple majority and one will be nominated from Partner/Coordinator/ Volunteers by Annual General Body.
  2. The ExeCom will meet four times in a year
  3. The ExeCom shall review the progress of the individual project performance
  4. The ExeCom shall be authorized to mobilize funds for the smooth conduct of the trust from any appropriate agency, if necessary by pledging the assets of the trust, in the forms of grant or loans or any other financial instruments.
  5. The ExeCom will review agreements/ contracts, borrowings and assess liability, potential risk and the impact of the agreement/contract or borrowings and then approve for further execution.
  6. The board will determine the procedure of selecting the CEO and the compensation thereof
  7. The board will formulate important policy documents and guidelines on gender, human resource, finance, operations, code of conduct, etc.
  8. Reviewing the performance of key staff members
  9.  The ExeCom shall be empowered to take disciplinary action against the Partner/Volunteers/Coordinator/CEO and any other person or employee related to trust if required.
  10. Decisions shall be taken by a majority of votes of the members present and voting.


  1. The coordination committee will consist of four members and three are elected from the Trustees, by simple majority for two year terms and one will be nominated from Partner/Coordinator/ Volunteers.
  2. They shall appoint the Coordinator if the vacancy arises.
  3. The Coordination committee will evaluate the performance of the Coordinator/other field staff at least once in a year.
  4. If any vacancy arises at executive director/ executive member level they will take interim arrangement for the same. During next general body meeting the same will be rectified at annual general body meeting


  1. The finance committee shall consist of four members and two are elected from the General body by simple majority for four year terms and one will be nominated from Partner/Coordinator/ Volunteers and one specialist ( finance background) will be appointed  
  2. Finance committee will preparing long term financial strategy which dovetails into long term vision
  3. The committee will preparing budget, operational plans & to contribute in project proposals
  4. Effective implementation of budgetary control systems
  5. The committee looks after the process of mobilize funds and loans for the smooth conduct of the trust activity and update the progress to executive committee time to time.
  6. The committee verifies the books of accounts. 


  1. The management committee shall consist of seven members and five members are elected from the trustees and Executive Members by simple majority by Execom.
  2. Chairman is the ex-officio chairman of management committee and Secretary will be one of the member of the management committee
  3. It is adhoc nature and constituted when need arises
  4.  Their main function is organizing functions and event management  
  5. It will prepare and plan regarding the programme in advance and in detail