Suvasam - Creating Knowledge & Values

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Vision & Mission

To empower disadvantaged people around us by creating knowledge and values and bridge the information gap between rural and urban areas.  


  1. To help at least 70 new needy students on yearly basis through our mentoring program
  2. To cover at least 15 new rural govt. schools under our student and teacher recognition program
  3. To create awareness in 10 & 12th students across TN rural areas before 2017 on various career paths available to them
  4. To provide livelihood training to at least 40 needy persons in remote rural areas on yearly basis
  5. To plant and grow at least 5000 saplings on yearly basis
  6. To enhance awareness in farmers on horticulture, market gardening, green house cultivation, value chain, organic farming & certification covering at least 100 remote villages of 10 districts by 2017
  7. To conduct minimum 10 health camp programs in a year at remote rural locations
  8. To conduct at least two village studies on yearly basis for documentation