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Our Initiatives ……

Mentoring - You can’t change one’s life but you can provide an opportunity to change their life.

MentoringEducation is vital to bringing about a long lasting positive change in children's lives, empowering and equipping them for a bright future. It is therefore, a basic right of every child. It is with this belief that we are supporting the education of children deprived of this basic right. We will constantly monitor their progress in education and will provide mentoring as required. The core plan of mentoring is to support very poor families/disadvantaged, especially those who cannot educate their children due to various reasons including lack of money in rural areas. The denial of a child's basic right to education only because of monetary difficulties is surely a gross injustice. Thus Suvasam started the auspicious activity of "Mentoring". Under this program Suvasam will select disadvantaged students and link with our partner. He/she will act as a mentor and regularly keep in touch with the students. Our partner will support the student not only in financial but also teach self confidence, personality development, social awareness and future career. This could help the student to succeed in the competitive world.

Career Guidance - Selecting a right career is equal to selecting right life 

Career guideChoices play important roles in shaping the course of our lives. A career choice is extremely pivotal and an ideal choice leads to a brighter future.

But many students/parents lack knowledge of various career opportunities and resulting in students opting for incompatible courses due to influence of their parents and peers.

Suvasam plans to provide a solution to the above through the following: 

  • To educate rural students about various career paths available after 10th & 12th through career guidance manuals, pamphlets, conducting career guidance sessions, motivation and counseling
  • To give career options to students personally through interaction over mail/web or phone
  • To educate students about various exams, government sponsored schemes to pursue their higher studies
  • To organize special training programmes on motivation and award best students in 10th Std at government schools at remote locations
  • To encourage government school teachers by awarding performing teachers at government schools at rural locations


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Agriculture -“Agriculture for an honorable and highminded man, is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure the means of living”

AgriAlthough the farming sector is critical in ensuring our food security, helps to keep the environment green and is also a lucrative business, it is becoming less attractive to the younger generation.

This is mainly due to wrong perception of low profit margin, uncertainty, low innovation, lack of knowledge on new technologies, etc. Interestingly, even agriculture-based families want their children to become IT professionals and do not want them to come back for tilling the land.


Here comes Suvasam…

  • Creating awareness on organic farming and certification, green house, value chain, recent practices and market conditions for farmers through training, field-level demos and sharing experiences.
  • To impart knowledge on recent techniques in agriculture through organizing meetings, interaction with agriculture scientist and farmers.
  • To make young generation and working community aware about importance and future of agriculture as a business
  • To discuss various agriculture related issues and finding solution through discussion
  • To give advice on home and indoor gardening and lawn maintenance  


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HealthTake care of your body. You live through it.”

HealthIn recent past, despite the economic progress, health related issues are an emerging matter of concern due to lack of knowledge. Hence Suvasam has formulated a two-fold strategy:

  • Conducting health camps and disseminating basic information on diseases at remote villages by tying-up with various government and non-governmental institutions.   
  • Imparting knowledge on maintaining good health to urban society through web posting, articles, pamphlets and discussions.



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Environment - “The earth, the air, the land and the water are not our inheritance from forefathers but loan from our children. So we have to hand over to the next generation at least as it was handed over to us”

EnvironmentThe actions performed by individuals at all levels, as consumers and citizens, have cumulative environmental issues. Hence Svasam strongly believes that individual awareness on small things like effects of using polythene bags, burning of tires, benefits of using toilets, separation of garbage into decomposable and non-decomposable etc., would make big difference in environmental protection. Thus Suvasam aims:

  • To make people especially young generation aware about importance of environment and how it impacts our life
  • To familiarize various environmental issues and recent developments at global level to people for better understanding
  • Tree planting by collaborating with various organisations including schools and colleges
  • To create awareness on importance of organic farming and effects of pesticide usage


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Entrepreneurship - It is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice 

EntrepreneurshipRural youth are not able to become entrepreneurs due to lack of information, guidance and capital. On the other hand, urban people have knowledge and capital but due to lack of insights from experienced people on that specific sector, they are hesitant to start their own business. By considering these facts Suvasam has formulated strategies……….  

  • To create new entrepreneurs especially in remote rural areas by providing training program based on the local socio-economic conditions by tying up with various institutions
  • To provide information of various business models, expert testimonials, basic necessities for starting business, government schemes, and current market conditions on various sectors based on personal capabilities/interests.

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Documentation - Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

DocumentationEveryone feels that our traditional practices, proverbs and indigenous knowledge are old-fashioned; they are hurdles to nation building and that we should completely forget about them and adopt modern ways of life. Some say they are ‘dirty’ and ‘primitive’. They are perceived as negative by the new generation.
But we should accept that these traditional knowledge were developed over a period of time, and will be useful as long as mankind exists on earth. Thus preserving and documenting old practices is important and will be useful not only for present generation but also future. Thus Suvasam aims to

  • Interact with elderly people in villages and collect information
  • Document those collected information and make them available to all through web


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