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After 10th

10th Std exam is over, what next?

Many students as well as parents today are puzzled with this question?

There are various options available after giving SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), like commerce, arts and science. These three courses are being the traditional main streams, but now we have two more diploma and vocational courses.

What to choose from available options is a million dollar question.

Basically, the moment you enter 10th standard, you start analyzing the subject you wish to take up in class 11th. The preparation begins with self-analysis. While the opinion of your parents, teachers, friends and other social groups are important, it should not be the only/dominant factor.

Guidelines to choosing a prospective career
Choosing a career that is right for you can be very difficult. You think you have found the perfect career path and suddenly it strikes you that you don't really want to do it.

This happens often among college students who either graduate or dropout half the way during their college years. Choosing the right direction to take your career process would become sometime frustrating one for many students. So before choosing right path please follow some guidelines as mentioned below

  • You should give due consideration to the circumstances, social status, priorities of your family, your physical attributes, your own limitations and capabilities
  • You should keep an open mind you should not go for the traditional careers just because somebody suggested or tried to convince you.
  • Self evaluation in this you should factor, your like or dislike of a particular subject, your aptitude, proficiency and fundamental knowledge, etc

In addition to the above guidelines, if you gather as much information as possible on diverse professions and educational opportunities would help you to arrive at your best career option.

In no way you should be prejudiced about a job and end up attaching unqualified superiority for professions like medicine, engineering, and the civil services, though one can always have preferences for.

Remember at the end of the day all it matters is how much you excel in a profession and the rest follows.

The list of careers is endless. Everybody has a place under the sun even if the sun is not benign, you can still make your mark under it by choosing a career option close to your heart. Never mind, you are not good at mathematics or science, you can still choose from a plethora of options from the commerce stream, humanities, and vocational courses.

Simple method to choose career
Here there are simple methods to choose career options after 10th Standard

1) If you are confused about what you should do then play an elimination game and rate you interests on different parameters. Like if you are like animals / plants and trees – Go in for science. DO the same with other subjects as well.

2) If you are tilted towards numbers, finance and like to crunch numbers – Commerce may be the side for you

3) If you are creative person – like drawing, painting, arts, acting, dancing and all other creative stuff – you should opt for Arts stream.

Most of the times students are going wrong here,

Many students have artistic bend of mind, but they are pushed by their parents to join science, which according to me is the worst thing that a parent can do for their child. Don’t push them – Empower them to make decisions. However, at the same time tell them the pros and cons of joining a particular stream.

Wish you all the best for your bright future, try hard you will get everything and nothing impossible under the sun.  

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