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12th Std exam is completed and waiting for results?
Students are tensed up with exam results and marks score.
Parents are under tremendous pressure on many counts like, son/daughter’s results, marks, society’s response, mobilizing funds for fees, etc.,    

In addition to all the above factors the fore most important factor for both students and their parents is ….

What NEXT????
Many students as well as parents today are puzzled with this question?

Deciding upon the right career after 12th is quite tricky for both students and their parents. Because they are confused with

  • Should I continue with science and opt for a B.Sc. degree or should I switch to Commerce?
  • Should I opt for a three year regular course?
  • Should I go for a correspondence degree and opt for professional careers like CA, CS or Journalism?
  • If scored less than expectations in 12th exam?

 There is no need for panic or stress, there are hundreds and thousands of various options are available for all and some of the options probably you haven't even thought of exploring.

Now days the career option is endless and everyone has a place under the sun even if the sun is not benign, you can still make your mark under it by choosing a career option close to your heart. Never mind, you are not good at mathematics or science or scored less mark in 12th  exam, you can still choose from a plethora of options from the commerce stream, humanities, arts, diplomas, distance education and vocational courses.

Selecting a career

Planning a career is a lifelong process, which begins by choosing the course stream of your choice, getting a job and growing in the job.

It is important to think wisely in selecting the right career and arriving to the right decision at right time.

Before getting into career path selection we should know conventional way of career selection

  1. To choose a profession that parents like
  2. To follow what the others including friends/relatives do
  3. To follow our parents friend advise
  4. Inclination towards medical/engineering professions without knowing it properly
  5. Possibilities of getting job abroad
  6. College means a University recognized by the Govt., without any reference to the acceptance of the courses by the recruiters

 This leads to after many attempts and wasted years, people end up as teachers or clerks. The process wastes precious years of student life;  for example

Vijay Kumar has completed BE computer science and worked as software engineer for almost 3 to 4 years and then he joined IAS coaching class. He says "I did BE computer science because my parents wanted me to but I find there is no satisfaction in it. An IAS/IPS job will provide me the satisfaction of the work. 

In this case he changed his career at the age of 28 and wasted almost 5 to 6years. If he selected his career wisely at right time, he could join the service earlier and this could help him to move up in higher ladder of the service in future.  

So selecting the career at right time is more important and it is not a rocket science to select our career. It is very simple process but need some home work.

Our best request is don’t choose any career under the influence of friends or parents/ any other means. Give priority to your potential and interest. It should be the sole criteria of selecting a career. Choose your career on the basis of following aspects should keep in mind.

•    Area of interest
•    Personality
•    Aptitude
•    Assess your strength and weakness.
•    Skills
•    Possibility and Opportunities.
•    Capability
•    Feasibility and guidance
•    Nature of work
•    Financial aid and scholarship

Apart from this, now is the time of specialization. In the coming years, a majority of new jobs will require people with some education and training. So always pay heed to specialized education rather than simple and theoretical. A little bit training or practical education would be a shot in the arm.

Wish you all the best for your bright future, try hard you will get everything and nothing impossible under the sun.  

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