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Mentoring - You can’t change one’s life but you can provide an opportunity to change their life.

Education is vital to bringing about a long lasting positive change in children's lives, empowering and equipping them for a bright future. It is therefore, a basic right of every child. It is with this belief that we are supporting the education of children deprived of this basic right.

We will constantly monitor their progress in education and will provide mentoring as required. The core plan of mentoring is to support very poor families/disadvantaged, especially those who cannot educate their children due to various reasons including lack of money in rural areas.

MentoringThe denial of a child's basic right to education only because of monetary difficulties is surely a gross injustice. Thus Suvasam started the auspicious activity of "Mentoring". Under this program Suvasam will select disadvantaged students and link with our partner. He/she will act as a mentor and regularly keep in touch with the students.

Our partner will support the student not only in financial but also teach self confidence, personality development, social awareness and future career. This could help the student to succeed in the competitive world.








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