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Each one of us in the civilized society or country contributes to the development of society/ community in any means is called as volunteerism.
Most people think that volunteering means going to school and teaching or working with slums or going and doing some health checkups in unhygienic places. It seems more like a serious affair which requires lot of commitment and saying no to all the cool things that you might do in life.

Of course volunteering requires some amount of commitment, but it is not as boring as you may think. There are numerous fun ways to volunteer. Also voluntering does not necessary mean that you have to spend some fixed time every day or every week. You can contribute any things or means for well being of any living things across the universe.

Suvasam intimately links a number of activities in its operational areas depending upon volunteer efforts. For example if any volunteer says

I can’t commit anytime, I want to volunteer once in a while when I get time. Or I can spend couple of hours to spare on weekdays or I can’t travel I want to do something from home

  • You can contribute or share your knowledge through web positing,
  • Write article on common issues in blog or forum
  • Share Suvasam’s activities to your friends, colleagues.  

I can work only on weekends

  • you can be act as mentor to needy children’s,
  • participate in the process of selecting beneficiaries through mentoring program,
  • You can be a trainer to conduct training program under career guidance program, agriculture or health
  • You can be a one of the member of village mission to collect various traditional information including customs, practices, proverbs  and knowledge for documentation  

Suvasam have three roles as


  1. Volunteers mainly supporting Suvasam in all possible way (without their physical presence/availability) to achieve its goal. It includes writing articles in blog and sharing knowledge on specific areas in web site, fund raising  and expansion 


  1. They are the field level employee of Suvasam
  2. The Coordinator shall carry out all the day-to-day activities of the trust. In this, the Coordinator shall be guided by the rules and regulations and code of conduct of the trust as well the policies and decisions of the ExeCom.
  3. They will be supervised by consent ED/EM
  4. The Coordinator shall arrange for the safe keeping of all the records and correspondence of the trust.


  1. Partners will involve all activities of Suvasam and render help to achieve the assigned goal in specific locations/areas.
  2.  It includes  partner will act as mentor, organising/ conducting awareness meeting, case study to collects various information for documentation
  3. In addition, partners will share their knowledge, writes articles, support fund raising process and expansion